My Avocado Nails

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post since I really do not have a good camera, It makes me really sad not to update this blog and it feels so great to update my ever precious blog at this moment. Anyway I wanna share to you my new nail polish, I really like this one because the color is refreshing, light and it makes my hand look good (Big hands here,lol) I am not really a fan of light colors for nail polish, Usually I go for dark red, black, dark green but not this time I think. What I am using today is from Bobbie Nail Colors, it is an avocado green color, definitely can help attain some clean looking hands and nails. My polish is a bit thick because I reapplied it 5 times. But still the result is still good.

here it is; A preview of my nails.

Avocado nails

What I would want to know today is your opinions on nail polish colors, what colors are good for all skin type, How often do you change your nail colors and some tips you got there that you wanted to share.


Thanks for dropping by.




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