Give This Up?


Maybe Not,

Who knows?

I will just have to keep my hopes high;

that someday everything will be alright.

Have a wonderful day to y’all.



Signe Nordstrom for “50 shades of gray” lingerie collection by KappAhl



A unique collaboration by E.L James , author of 50 shades of gray and KappAhl , a Swedish clothing brand , to create a collection of underwear in stores starting this month.

Elegant , precious and luxurious line just called Fifty Shades of Grey is full of references to the book and aims for all those women who know their bodies and know how to enhance it.
Star of the campaign , the curvy model Signe Nordstrom, with a statuesque physique and natural beauty ,is perfect in the role of femme fatale that the campaign wants to show .

Glamour is the keyword of the collection that consists of lingerie to dress women of different sizes and shapes : the goal is to make the audience feel at ease by focusing on supports , color and detail.

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The World of A Charming Telemarketer

As I blink and be awaken from my alluring dream;
I embrace the goodness of the day not with a skepticism,
For I desire to live elated until hell freezes over,
So I can parcel out great service to you moreover.
As I sat down and face my career’s description,
I beseech for all the goodness and kindness above all.
For in my three years working in my chosen field,
I gain nothing that I can quarrel but just to acknowledge and endure.
When I convey a lovely greet; What you do Is bang the phone and make sure I heard it right.
When I announce my pitch excitingly, what you will say is “fuck you” and all I can say is “thank you”
When It’s time to ask for the numbers, why would you say “no,I don’t want your shit”?
Much worst is when I say “have A wonderful Day” and you’d say “go to hell!”.
All I want is to help you with your needs since it is you who make an interest about our commodity.
But praise for some who has the kindest heart.
For they can understand how tough it is to be in our shoe,
At best they would procure or gleefully wish me a wonderful day.
And that would be enough for me to end a day with a smile on my lips and again, hope for tomorrow’s best.