Checklist for October

These are the things that I want to buy,

things that I think are essential, must-have and for guilty pleasure.

1. That little black dress, I think this one is essential, especially for some cocktail parties. And If we are in doubt, we can never go wrong with black, It’s always been in style, a classic choice, the classy choice, the sexy choice, and a flattering one.


2. Scarves, Different colors, patterns and fabrics. This will complete any outfit. It can be worn for work or for fun; it’s perfect for winter but can also dress up for summer. There is endless creativity when it comes to scarves that will add some personality to the look.

fashion scarves

3. A Statement Necklace can make a simple outfit look strong and feminine.  There are really cool necklaces and I think it’s time for me to have at least one. Here are the couple of things I am eyeing for.

statement necklace

4. One Curling Iron, I think styling the hair is very important, because the hair is the crowning glory of every woman. There is so much to be done with hair but I think sometimes a curling iron can be very handy if we want to have a luscious, kind a slutty-way hair.

curling iron

5. Finally, Nude Pumps which I wanted to have ever since.

nude pumps

What do you think? Did I miss something? How about you? What do you really want to have this October.



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