September Haul: Accessories.

This September I bought a lot of things, acquired a lot of things and I am very amazed how these things make me happy and excited. Since I started this fashion blog, a lot had changed and I am happy with the changes because I think it brings out the best in ne. =)

Since I am very excited, I wanted to share to you my new hobby; collecting accessories! Yep! I never had this much accesories before.


These are my favorites as of the moment!


There it is, those are just some of the accessories  I have, and I think I will have a lot more very soon. Thanks for dropping by! =)


4 thoughts on “September Haul: Accessories.

    • Im so inlove now with accessories, I think Im gonna buy more this weekend.haha Love your blog, Followed you actually! Thank you for dropping by.

      On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 8:05 AM, FancyMySty

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