One Fine Morning


Even after eight long hours of working my friends and I were  not ready to go home yet so we decided to take some stroll along the park, enjoy the morning and eat breakfast after. But since it was a fine morning and it was just after the sunrise, I took advantage of the morning and showcase what i was wearing.


Wearing my-now-favorite peach colored blouse, paired it with shorts to give that little sexy look and a couple of accessories, no necklace needed since the blouse has got design on the neckline. I feel so like a true bloom lady here. I like the blouse’s material, it would just flow directly below and to add style into it, the front area was tucked in a little bit exposing a little area of a white belt that matched the sandals’ material.


OH I am so loving this outfit, I never thought that blogging and dressing up would be this great!


Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful day to all of you, hoping that you like it,



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