My Bohemian Side

After such a long time contemplating on what’s gonna be on this very post, I have finally come up to showcase my own way of bohemian styling, and since at my last post (click here) I asked some people on what will be more interesting over 4 different styles, suggestions are overwhelming and I am so thankful for everyone who voted and gave suggestions, it meant a lot to me and that is why I came up to feature boho chic style since it had the majority of votes (final votes here).


Boho-chic is a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences with elegance. It uses earthly colors, usually they seem to look happy and carefree. Here is my self expression of boho fashion.check it out and enjoy.


I used earthly colors such as my top dress is a halter with a tribal pattern with different shades of green. For my brown skirt, it got lace design to add some real style, Layered by an over sized white cotton cardigan and a braided hair to complete the look.




I used beads and gems for my accessories like tons of bracelets, necklace and I used a very cute head dress.


And to sum it all up, I have enjoyed reinventing myself and I hope you like it also.

Thank you much dropping by.

Have a wonderful day to you all.


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