My inspirations

I am new to blogging and really don’t know what my niche is, A dearest friend of mine introduced me to browse fashion blog sites. At first I was kind a hesitant because I not a type of into-fashion girl, but as I started to browse different kind of fashion blog I was surprised because I got hooked in to it. Then it all started, I dreamed in my every sleep that I wanted to be a fashion blogger, It excites me to think that i’ll be putting up a fashion blog, I was inspired and I though I want to inspire other women also. so let me share with you my inspirations.

First on my list is Kryz uY, a well known a fashion guru. I Like her because she dresses well, no matter what type of dress, it compliments her well.

Kryz Uy

Kryz Uy

I like up to this one (Chiara Ferragni) because she is carefree, her fashion is balanced, happy and laid back.

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni

Ofcourse Camille Co very fashionable and elegant and dress well, no matter what she wear, she is like a candy to the eyes.

Camille Co

Camille Co

Finally, , though not a blogger we can always agree that she really knows how to dress. Like a child who always play dress up,always happy, laughing and free.

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis

Well there, I hope you like it also be inspired and inspire in return.



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