For starters

untitledToday, I am writing my first post of being a fashion guru. Well I don’t know much about fashion, in fact, my friends tell me that I don’t have a fashion sense. But little they know that I really wanted to be one, I am envious of people who dress well, who can pull off a classy and chic outfit that looks good on them. But now I am motivated, I am taking the big leap of my life.

I wanted to be proud of myself. Heck even the biggest girl in the world have the right to be happy about what they are wearing. I don’t want to feel inferior anymore, Its because I am fat it does not mean I can not pull off a good outfit, you all feel me, ayT?


I am just simple , t-shirt jeans kind of a girl but this will soon change. And I am gonna try to inspire all who believe in me, try new things and learn in every experience.

Well this is the start of my journey, and I hope you will still be with me until to the end.



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